I tend not to write political songs.  It doesn't mean that I'm unaware.

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Photo by:  Josie Desmarais  (a big thank you!)



Better Turn ‘cause the hate is behind ya (x3)


Let the story unfold

Let the struggle be told

As the lion sleeps

The vultures grow bold


There’s insanity

In their supremacy

Where in silence we’re shocked

by the lies we’ve been sold


Better fight for the people beside ya  (x3)


When fears tossed our way

And all our pain has been played

We turn on our own

Like a cancer that’s grown


That burning cross

They now can casually hoist

While the brown and the black

Fear the supremacist voice


Better hold to the iron inside ya (x3)


Watch the steps that they take

Shake the lion awake

Hold the truth like a sword

Break their lies with your word


Hold high your flame

Break the back of this hate

In some higher name

Break through their righteous gate


You got to care or that hate will destroy us (x3)

Gotta turn ‘cause the hate is behind ya

Gotta fight for the people beside ya

Gotta hold to the iron inside ya

Gotta care for that hate to decay.