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As a solo artist, I am forever restless, experimenting, & searching - adding synthesized keyboards and flute have allowed me to compose & perform with trippy backdrops and jazzy phrasings. 

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Influenced by the visual arts, I view my music as sound-paintings - urban murals, perhaps - co-mingling acoustic and synthesized sound.  My soundscapes draw from over four decades of a rich heritage of rock, pop, jazz, classical, folk & electronic music  - all distilled within the musically accessible synthpop genre.

In my lyrics I try to bring a strong sense of story, visual richness, and at times an edgy eroticism.  I'm compelled by that enlivening, though sometimes dangerous, emotional edge where we step outside what's known and comfortable.  I try to keep my lyrics & melodies accessible & catchy, while not shying from exploring the often ironic & sometimes darkly humorous complexities of love, temptation, loss, & yearning.

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