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-engage one project at a time

-lean into creative risks and impulses.

-focus 45 -90 minute stretches. Stop on time.

-Set plan for the day and stick to it.

-Stir the pot. Read. Visit museums. New music.

-Explore new sounds and images.  Never know what  you might find.

-Get true separation from project.  Builds excitement for next time.

-Limit Social Media.  Pick SM time.  Stick to it.

-Vigorous movement.  Eat well.  Health health health...

-Stay up to date with shit happenin' in the world.  No need to binge.

-make time for the biz part.  At least 2-4 hours a week.

-"Silence.  Exile.  Cunning..."  Thank you James Joyce.

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